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When your talent can transform and elevate the realities of men.

Open Mic

You never know the power of your gift until you take the stage with your gift.

The house is full of unbelievable talents! We have Ryan X, Sweet Matrix, Kenny P, Smooth, Jack Dipper, Princess Sway, Twinkle, Pepper Crème, Pink Smoke. You have not seen anything just yet,” she slipped a finger through her hair, and pulled out the event flyer with her other hand.

“Oh my God, Jazzy Spell is going to be on stage tonight.” “Have this,” Sussy passed Jenny an event flyer. I was standing close to Jenny. She offered me an event flyer.

The host was on stage introducing the first performer for the night.

“Starlight will be doing one of her numbers called “All the Way to Sweet Comfort,” Please put your hands together for the starlight girl.”

The light on the stage started to dim introducing the petite beauty with straight curls reaching her shoulders with a smile lighting up the building. But something else about her was untouchable, and totally unreal like a glimpse of a different world. Then she released her voice, ever so gently, the angelic sound enveloping the room with so much warmth you were held in a spell like awe.

“Let me free you from within. Release peace through your veins, Cover you in love’s current, in the endless breeze of pure desire. Oh, so real and eternal my touch and embrace, rising with you like the mist from living springs All the

way to sweet comfort.”

Something was happening in the large auditorium; the once loud and chattering room gradually started getting quiet. That angelic voice kept pouring out into the room, and then something strange happened. One by one in the auditorium, guests including myself started becoming unbelievably calm, quiet, and still.

Something strange was happening to me, a strange hypnosis. I could not fully describe the emotions. It was coming from within me, a cool breeze spiraling from the base of my feet and through every passage of my mind. A high, like the ancient sky transcending all of time; my feet elevated from the ground, even though all eyes saw me stand. I saw a different world in a flash with many smiles that never fade, filled with timeless wonders of endless beauty. I smelled a rose of no shape and no colors, endless fields unbothered, all fear vanished, all the losses I have ever known turn to gain, my pains become a memory never to be remembered, lights spill out of my skin, and then I shed a perfect tear.

Where am I? I feel the waves of oceans holding me up; something about this place is beautiful and free, full of true friends, creatures with hearts so pure. I am carried by a wind and suspended under a star. Floating harmonies, melodic sounds, the joyous connection of times meets me with open arms. I just am. I start to see patterns like ripples…

“Can you hear me?” The voice was faint, but I could hear it. It was coming from a distance and drawing me ever closer to its strength.

“Can you hear me?” The voice was much clearer. I was floating faster to the entrance, and then I saw the lights. It was not clear at first, several conversations taking place around me. A large room with so many beds as far as the eyes could trace with several rows of these beds. Different faces sitting up covered to their chest area with bedspreads. So many people I could not count. Many of them were engaged in some form of excited conversation, the energy was ecstatic, so many exchanging comments from their beds. What was going on?

There was a young lady in front of me engaged in an intense conversation with someone on another bed. In front of her two others were engaged in a conversation as well. A couple of faces simply stared into space with tear-streaked eyes. Everywhere I looked a very excited exchange was taking place. Three bed rows away and ten beds counting to the left of my direction, was a face that looked very familiar.

Was that Sussy, tears streaming down her cheeks?

Someone was approaching me; must be the nurse on duty.

She smiled.

I waved my hands in the air to get her attention. I can tell she sees me because she starts coming in my direction. She stops in front of me.

“How can I help you?”

“Where am I? I am a little confused.”

“I can tell you have been out for some time,” she


I nodded my head, puzzled.

“You were brought here two days ago by the County squad, something about an “open mic” session that knocked everyone out of their consciousness. Helicopters were all over the place transporting everyone out of the building. You and your peers have been on the major news networks for the past 48 hours. Reporters are lined across the street outside the building, and they keep flying in from all over the world. The event that took place at the open mic session is receiving international attention from the music community and a number of special interest groups in the country, and very soon all across the world.”

She paused briefly, her tone taking on a different seriousness. “The scientific community is heavily involved. I think you will be here for a while. Be prepared to answer lots of questions.”

“Wait a minute I need a little clarity. What really


“From what I hear, her voice shifted the consciousness

of everyone in the auditorium.” “Whose voice?” I asked.

“The singer’s voice, Starlight,” the nurse replied.

“Starlight,” I repeat it to myself. It starts coming back. I can see her on stage… The nurse got comfortable and took a seat on the edge of the bed adjacent to me.

“Nothing of this magnitude has ever happened before. Even the President is scheduled to give a speech to the nation on account of this event. A lot of citizens are curious as to what took place. They want to see Starlight. They have nicknamed her “The Arc Angel.””

She looked at me, “all of you in this room will be part

of history in a way never imagined.”

She smiled, “they call me the Starlight Nurse.”

She turns away from me and faces a young man who looked in his early twenties on the bed next to mine, his eyes beaming.

“Do you remember anything? I mean after you passed out?” The nurse was gesturing with her hands.

He had been quiet all along. He looked at me and then at the nurse. And then he smiled, the word “unbelievable” written all over his face,

“Oh, oh (uttering with awe), as clear as day.”