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What would you do if you were the Richest Person in the World.

Perfect Hostess

The time you spend touching a life is the greatest wealth you will ever know.

I am a wealthy person for the right reasons because I am a giver. I have so much wealth

they don’t know how to count its monetary value anymore. So, this is what I am going to do. Give it to a steward who can help everyone that has a true need. Give them a chance to be better men and women who respect their neighbors not because of what they own, but because of their passion for one another. It is a lifestyle of Agape.”

“I gave away billions before I even had a dime of my own through accrued assets of one kind or another not summarized with paper bills. Now I am going to show you a new way of making wealth. Look every child in the eye and give a gift from your heart. A gift from the heart that is beautiful, and watch the world turn around and become wealthy by virtue of a child’s deed.”

“A true deed is from the heart and does not seek its own glory but glorifies the truth. Being zealous about what is good, and fair is important in all works of life. So, with that I would like to say, carry on the good work. One more thing, I could not have made this decision without my wife.” The applause began, Count Donatus stepped away from the podium tipping his head slightly and signed his monetary wealth over to the National Government Foundation for the Future, a department of the treasury catering to children, youths and willing adults interested in making lifelong contributions with their time.

The account will be open to rigorous auditing by

any certified public accountant, or accounting team ensuring that every penny is accounted for in doing those things that will create a vibrant community here and around the world.

Not long after, the wife escorted the Count off the stage, but conversations in the room start getting very agitated.

“I can’t give up my hard- e a r n e d wealth like that, it is my money and if I have to die holding on to it that is what I am going to do.” He lost it and kicked the ground with his heels. “What kind of wife is that? What kind of wife is that? I don’t believe what I am hearing. That is ridiculous, just dggon crazy.”

The room was turning into a kind of stock market frenzy.

“Mr. Green you understand this will have grave implications for the market, considering his monetary assets across the world. I don’t know how he will get out of this rot. I really do not know. Everyone is putting their stock in the government, and I think this could have a strange level of mismanagement.”

“Count Donatus had only one rule with his account,” Mr. Green interjected, a slight smile forming over his face.

“For the perfect good of every child.” Mr. Green was talking to himself nodding his head repeatedly

in a kind of deep acknowledgement. He looked at the group around him speaking so they could hear.

“He believes every man is truly a child at heart when stripped of everything. His extensive field of lawyers have drafted an agreement that must guarantee this is continually in effect with his wealth as long as it takes; a tough decision to make but his health, shelter, and community involvement is guaranteed the rest of his days.”