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What if this was the standard of industries for the environment?

Pure Science

Of man’s greatest contributions is that which keeps his world happy and alive.

Our body adapts to changes until our existence is no more adaptable and requires a complete transformation.”

“Now you are losing me, John,” I picked up the pen and twisted it in my hands.

“Stop writing for a minute; let’s just talk.”

“O.K shoot,” I said, placing the pen on the journal.

“Last night when I was coming back to the apartment, I stopped at the waterfalls. I saw a couple of people standing and talking quietly. I was resting on the railings and looking at the falls. You know how the wind blows on your skin when you smell fresh water. Suddenly there was this explosion down the street. It was at the plant; a fuse must have gone off or something. And then the smoke started coming right at us.”

“Wait a minute, an explosion at the plant. How was

it contained?”

“It has this circular extinguisher around it that contains any explosion. When the fire trucks came there was no fire. Is that not kind of cool?” He was excited as if he were on a rollercoaster.

“But the smell, my goodness I thought I was going to pass out when the smoke started in our direction. It was like we were at a movie or something, the whole place…”

Suddenly, someone busted into the room.

“You will not believe this,” it was Shelby of the next- door apartment. “There is news going around that the area around the plant is showing some form of curative powers. A lot of people are camping around the plant and taking in a mouth full of fresh air. They are reporting that quite a number of people are getting a kind of healing sensation. I think I am going to check this out.” Shelby stared at us, a little undecided. She headed back to the door and placed her head back in.

“Are you guys coming or what? This has got to be good.”

I looked at John bewildered by the whole revelation.

“I am going to check this out again.” John stepped out of the room with Shelby. I went outside the door of the apartment. I could see some of my neighbors stepping out of their door, a level of curiosity on their faces. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had to do with the plant.

“Hey there,” one of my neighbors was stepping out of his door. The hallway was curved with several doors leading to different apartments on both sides of the hall.

“Did you hear about the plant? I need to check this out.”

“I heard. I will be paying the place a visit very soon. Hey, get as much news as you can.”

I walked back into my apartment and closed the door. Then I went to the bathroom, picked up my toothbrush, applied some paste and began a mouthwash.

“Goodness,” I need to get to work. I undressed and got into the shower, pulling the curtains to keep the water from the floor. Something about taking the shower and missing the news at the plant kept bugging me. I stepped out of the shower bath and walked to the living room. I was going to put on the

T.V then decided to go for the radio. I turned on the radio to a local news network in the area, blaring it out as loud as I could and then I walked back to the bathroom to take my shower.

Within five minutes I was done. I stepped out the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. I picked up my shaver and begin to shave the hair off my armpit. The radio was blaring.

“And on the news of the hour, six men with cancerous lungs have reported significant improvement just sitting in the vicinity of Gracetown. Reportedly, activities around the Escrow plant located here in the city are increasing as members of the community rally around the plant. According to a spokesman at the plant, an explosion was contained creating an atmospheric chemistry in the area. Samples of the air are being analyzed presently at certain private and

government laboratories, as the community awaits news that may have a profound impact on environmental medicine becoming an alternative measure to curing terminal illness. The Coalition of the Clean Environment act have been extremely active in bringing about new measures that can create a more livable environment for many generations, citing this incident as a possibility of a new earth ecosystem. Joining me today is Cory Reeves, Professor of Environmental Studies at the Scribe University. Welcome.”

I ran to the television, picked up the remote control and pressed the power button.

“…Traffic at the Escrow Plant is reaching its peak as more officers are being sent to the area to keep the plant secure. On a different development certain individuals who witnessed the explosion are at the scene sharing their version of the night that is changing history. Please join our journalist at the plant, Ms. Chelsea Rivers as she brings you the news.”

“Good morning,” Chelsea the journalist was staring right through the screen into the living room, several people gathered around her.

“I am at the Escrow Plant where a phenomenon of extraordinary proportions is taking place. Several of our visitors here at the plant are describing the healing effects of this environment as a new chapter in our Ecosystem. An eyew i t n e s s

gives his account of the story that took place here

last night.”

“Good morning, thanks for joining me.” “Good morning.”

I moved closer to the TV.

“You got to be kidding me!” I exclaimed.

It was John on the TV screen. I ran to my room.

“This is simply impossible!” I exclaimed.

I looked for a videocassette in the book cabinet. I dashed out of the room and pushed the cassette into the recorder of the television. I pressed the record button. John was on.

“…and then the smoke started coming directly at us. It was dark and looked very dangerous initially. Most of us started backing away because of the smell, but I noticed the fumes started changing colors in the air. Initially it looked pinkish, then it turned bluish, and several different colors were appearing, disappearing, and reappearing again. The fire trucks got here but before they arrived the air was simply changing colors on its own accord. I know I saw the initial explosion and it was mighty big, but I still do not understand why there was no fire considering the size of the reactor.”

Chelsea brought the microphone to her lips, “So how would you explain this?”

John became animated the way he gets when he tries to describe events.

“I believe it was some form of recreated energy after the extinguisher surrounding the plant combined with the explosive particles of the reactor. It must be a kind of regenerative effect that created the clean air effect.”

I could not hold my curiosity any longer. I dashed out of my apartment and closed the door.

I needed some fresh air.